I heard Tryg giggling…

I was finishing my workout and I heard Tryg giggling. I literally did the last exercise and then went to see what was so funny. He was in the bathroom and that was a brand new double roll of toilet paper… Hard to be too mad when he looks at me like that then spins […]


Our Little Buddy

Oh Trygve, our dear little buddy. He’s funny, silly even at this age. He knows a few things to make you laugh and he’ll do them at the most inopportune time just to make you smile and laugh at him. He has loved his pacifier (his paci) forever, and it was hard when about 2 […]


Miss Sig. My dear Miss Signe Quorra Little

Oh my Sig. Where do I even begin? At nearly 3 1/2 now, she’s incredibly sweet, kind and compassionate. She’s the first to ask if you’re ok if you say “Ow!” or “Shoot!” or any other time she perceives you’re in any kind of danger. Take today for example. We had parked at one of […]


Here’s the plan

As Sig and I talk about 5 times daily, here’s the plan. To feel like I’ve caught this blog up on our lives it’s been so long removed from, I’m going to do a post on each kid, one on Patrick and I, one on our move and one on our current family life. That’ll […]

Family Signe Trygve

My confession and a funny story

This is my confession. When I think about getting back into doing this blog I get intimidated because I’ve missed so much time. So much has happened in so many regards yet so much is the same. I’m intimidated to get back into this, but I’m going to try. Stay with me. I’ll catch us […]

Signe Trygve

Almost Giggling and a Shopper in Training

This week I can say that we are DAYS away from a real giggle. Tryg’s so close but right now when he does it, it vaguely sounds like a cough, so I think we are super close! He’s also turning into a chatterbox! Video to come of that 🙂   Miss Sig is enjoying trips […]

Our Family

Happy Fathers Day!

Since I’m still having a hard time adjusting to kids, work, wife and blog life, we’re going to start small – I’m aiming for 2 sentences and 2 pictures a week in either one post or two. That should be a good start – I hope! Happy Fathers Day Patrick!

Firsts Our Family Trygve Waiting for Baby

Meet Trygve Calix!

One month ago today we welcomed Trygve Calix Little to this world! It’s been an incredibly busy month – this post being a whole month late is proof of that. I’ve been trying to write this for weeks but excuses aside, without further ado, the story of Tryg. The night of March 23/24 I had […]

Just Funny Signe

The mischievous kid that is Sig

We have a mischievous kid on our hands. She doesn’t mean to be, she just is. I was always very mischievous so it’s not really a surprise I guess. My mom always said, “One day, Natalie Kay, God will give you a little girl who will be just like you were for me.” And oh […]

Friends St Patricks Day Waiting for Baby

Happy St Patricks Day!

Wow, it’s been a month since my last post. Time is flying by right now as we’re getting closer and closer to baby boy’s arrival (due in 5 days!) so it’s definitely time to catch up on the happenings at this little house before he comes! Let’s start with St Patrick’s Day! Last week was […]