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Just Funny Signe Talking Throwback Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day!   For Valentines Day Sig got a special new friend – Magenta! We gave her to her yesterday and Sig is beside herself in love with her and is ecstatic about the fact that Magenta has her purple glasses on! She tells us frequently as you’ll see in the link below 🙂 […]

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Roommate Wanted

Posted 1.11.14 by SquirrelBug115- Wanted: Roommate to fill the empty crib in my room.  No need to have your own furnishings, everything needed is provided. No need to bring your own clothes either, those will be provided as well. Must like robins egg blue colored walls, guitars by the sea music CD, be a boy […]

Just Funny Signe Talking

“Ow!” “Stuck!”

So this morning Sig was up early, very early, like around 6:45 and at that time I started hearing “Ow” and “Stuck” and “OW!” Since it’s WAY too early to get her up because that would only lead to a bad day for both of us, I left her, convinced she was ok. She was […]

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Wow. We have a kid.

This morning as I’m giving Sig a bath and she looked up at the fan with a light above her and said “light”, well it sounded more like “ight” but it was definitely “light”.  I said, “Yep, that’s the light, the light is on.” “On” she says to me. Then a few seconds later she […]

Signe Talking

No. I know. Ok.

So I put Sig in the car – “ar” as Sig calls it – and tell her we’re going buh-bye now and she looks at me and says “I know.” Seriously, I know, right!?! She said it again to me when I told her, “Sig, you’re cute” – “I know.”   She also tells me […]