First Day of School Firsts Signe

Sig’s First Day of Kindergarten!

*Drumroll please* Ladies and Gentlemen, The time has finally come, the moment you’ve all be waiting for, introducing Signe the Kindergartener, class of 2030! *the crowd goes wild* In all seriousness, today was such a huge day for the Little house it’s crazy! Sig woke up excited and ready. We got ready, snuggled watching a […]

Birthdays Signe

To my 5 year old Sig

Very, very late but here’s a note to my 5 year old Sig! Happy birthday Boots! Or should I say Happy birthday Butterfly as you now ask me to call you 🙂 You are 5. 5 years ago you made me a mama and though you’re growing faster then I want to admit, you’ll always […]

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Our Family Signe Throwback Trygve

How long have you loved me?

Every night when I tuck Sig into bed we tell each other how much we love each other. It’s normally like “I love you more than a monkey loves bananas” or “I love you more than Rainbow Dash loves kicking clouds” from me and something like “I love you more than the moon likes hot […]

Birthdays Signe

Happy 4th Birthday Signe!

4 years old! Wow. It feels like I was just figuring out the post for Sig turning 3 and here we are, now she’s 4. In the past year Sig has gone from an adorable 3 year old almost-could-call-her-a-kid to an independent, mostly sweet no-doubt-about-it-you’re-a-kid kid. Man alive, Sig, you amaze me everyday. Today, after […]

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It’s the little things

The big things intimidate me a lot right now so let’s focus on the little things in life. This morning Tryg read me a book for honestly 10 minutes. It was like listening to a Chinese audio track with the occasional word in English. He was so proud when he was done. Today Sig taught […]

Just Funny Signe

Master Bathroom Color

So as Sig is getting ready for bed she decided what color the upstairs bathrooms should be. Her bathroom will be grey because it’s a nice color.  My bathroom should be black because it matches my computer and my mouse for said computer. “It would be a nice color don’t you think?” I appreciate the […]

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Sick, tired and funny

And it’s June. Where did May go? For that matter, April seems to have disappeared too. My mom told me long ago that the older you get the faster time goes by and I guess I’ve reached that critical point because it’s flying by and I’m just getting more behind everyday. We’ve been dealing with […]


Miss Sig. My dear Miss Signe Quorra Little

Oh my Sig. Where do I even begin? At nearly 3 1/2 now, she’s incredibly sweet, kind and compassionate. She’s the first to ask if you’re ok if you say “Ow!” or “Shoot!” or any other time she perceives you’re in any kind of danger. Take today for example. We had parked at one of […]

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My confession and a funny story

This is my confession. When I think about getting back into doing this blog I get intimidated because I’ve missed so much time. So much has happened in so many regards yet so much is the same. I’m intimidated to get back into this, but I’m going to try. Stay with me. I’ll catch us […]