First Day of School Firsts Signe

Sig’s First Day of Kindergarten!

*Drumroll please* Ladies and Gentlemen, The time has finally come, the moment you’ve all be waiting for, introducing Signe the Kindergartener, class of 2030! *the crowd goes wild* In all seriousness, today was such a huge day for the Little house it’s crazy! Sig woke up excited and ready. We got ready, snuggled watching a […]

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Meet Trygve Calix!

One month ago today we welcomed Trygve Calix Little to this world! It’s been an incredibly busy month – this post being a whole month late is proof of that. I’ve been trying to write this for weeks but excuses aside, without further ado, the story of Tryg. The night of March 23/24 I had […]

Firsts Our Family Signe

Haircuts, Haircuts, Haircuts!

It was a week of haircuts for our house! Patrick lead the pack, I cut his hair and it really shaped up nicely 🙂 Here’s a before shot with a “I just shoveled 4 inches of snow” hairdo Here’s an after shot Then it was my turn! I got a perm back in October and […]

Firsts House Nursery Our Family Signe Talking Waiting for Baby

Roommate Wanted

Posted 1.11.14 by SquirrelBug115- Wanted: Roommate to fill the empty crib in my room.  No need to have your own furnishings, everything needed is provided. No need to bring your own clothes either, those will be provided as well. Must like robins egg blue colored walls, guitars by the sea music CD, be a boy […]

Family Firsts Just Funny Signe

The Holidazzle Parade

For my dad’s birthday we got hot seats to the 2013 Holidazzle Parade. For those not familiar with this event, it’s a parade that marched down Nicolette Mall in downtown Minneapolis every Friday and Saturday between Thanksgiving and Christmas for many, many years. It went on in the evenings and everybody and all the floats […]

Blast from the Past Christmas Firsts Signe

A visit with Santa

Well December is proving to be quite the busy month and is flying by like I can’t believe. I think Thanksgiving being so late this year (it was November 28th!) is really rushing the Christmas (and my birthday!!!!) season.  Then again, I’ll probably say the same thing about this season next year even though Thanksgiving […]

Family Firsts Signe

Introducing Our Nephew Flynn Gabriel

A month late here we go! We were blessed with our second nephew on October 22, Flynn Gabriel! This sweet little man has blonde hair and eyelashes and bright blue eyes.  He is so sweet! It has been so much fun to see my brother Justin and my sister-in-law Dani with him, they are such […]

Firsts Just Funny Signe

Some Cute Videos For You – And a Story

It’s October now? When did that happen? (Two days ago, three by the time you’re reading this, I know – I heard you from here Patrick 🙂 ) Holy cow. Sig and I have been sick with a nasty cold for the past week so everything has kind of fallen to the wayside. Thankfully she’s […]

Firsts Signe

Potty Training!

It’s with GREAT excitement that I get to write this – we are potty training! With any luck Sig will get this down and her days of wicked diaper rash will be behind us in a flash 🙂 We started on Monday and her first day she went pee in her potty chair three times. […]

Firsts Signe Talking

Wow. We have a kid.

This morning as I’m giving Sig a bath and she looked up at the fan with a light above her and said “light”, well it sounded more like “ight” but it was definitely “light”.  I said, “Yep, that’s the light, the light is on.” “On” she says to me. Then a few seconds later she […]