Bonfire Firsts Just Funny Thanksgiving

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

It’s been a crazy couple of days in this Little household, but we hope you all had a very happy Thanksgiving! Our little blessing (actually gigantic blessing) has met a lot of people and done a lot of things over the past few days. Signe got to hang out in her first hoodie 🙂   […]


We are home!

After a hospital stay that seemed to go forever (in both a good and bad way) we finally got home yesterday 🙂 Now I can much more easily update you with pictures and how life is going because at the hospital they deemed this website an “adult site” so we couldn’t update it easily at […]

Waiting for Baby

So you wanted to see me

I’ve been asked if I’m getting big – I say “YES!” but others who look at me say they can’t believe I only have 2 weeks left til my due date because I am “so tiny”. Everyone has their own opinion so I’ll let you have yours 🙂   Here I am May 9th when […]

Halloween Nursery Waiting for Baby

The Nursery and Our Halloween Costumes!

Hello! With this post we are officially up and running with our Little website so you can find out what’s up with the MN Littles whenever you want to. We’ll try to keep it updated with pictures and “sweet nothings” about the littlest Little whenever he or she arrives 🙂 I figured a good way […]