Tomorrow and Today

Tomorrow life in the Little house changes. We’ve been preparing for this for so long, looking forward to it and dreading it simultaneously.

Tomorrow Sig starts kindergarten.

Tomorrow Tryg will have me all to himself all day long.

Tomorrow I will have just one to look after.

Tomorrow my heart will break in two, one half will leave on bus 158 at 8:35 am with my first, the other will be holding the hand of my last on the sidewalk.

But today. Man, today was amazing and wonderful and so needed, and now makes me lay in bed writing this at 10 pm crying.

Today we bought the kids new shoes because both have grown in the past week. Sig outgrew sandals we bought for my cousins wedding in Florida in March of last year. Tryg has been chugging away in his sandals all summer to fall just short now and need new ones. 

Today I listened to Sig sing and dance in the living room by herself, happy as can be. 

Today I relished in the giggles coming from under the dining room table as she and Tryg played with shoe boxes, zoo maps and Shopkins.

Today I took Sig out to buy hair accessories for tomorrow at Claires and she saw a little girl, about a year older than her, sitting waiting to pierce her ears. Sig asked what she was doing and I told her. She asked how and I explained it. Then she asked if she could do it. I said yes then started to tear up. As if knowing what tomorrow is isn’t a reality check enough, she wants to prove again she’s growing up. And you know what? She did it. She was great and brave and tough and didn’t cry until they were done and had pulled away.

I hope tomorrow I will be as great and brave and tough until her bus pulls away. Today she was my hero, tomorrow I have to be hers.



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