First Day of School Firsts Signe

Sig’s First Day of Kindergarten!

*Drumroll please*

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The time has finally come, the moment you’ve all be waiting for, introducing Signe the Kindergartener, class of 2030!

*the crowd goes wild*

In all seriousness, today was such a huge day for the Little house it’s crazy!

Sig woke up excited and ready. We got ready, snuggled watching a show, ate breakfast and took about 100 pictures.

Favorite Color: Every Color! Or Blue. When I grow up I want to be a Target Helper.

Then we walked out the door for the bus stop. 

There was one other kid at our stop today, a 5th grader named Luke I believe  (I’ll update this if I find out I’m wrong about that). Sig was doing well, was being strong and funny and cool, but I could tell she was nervous.

The bus came and she started for it without a hug and a kiss from me. She was marching so confidently onto the bus and then turns around and has the most scared look on her face, now needing the hug and kiss. (See me tearing up in that moment) I did it like she told me she wanted and made me practice last night: hug for the count of 3, a big kiss and push it in so it doesn’t fall off and will last all day, then “I love you” and let her go. She climbed up, the bus driver had her on his clipboard to keep close track of her, then he had her turn around for a picture for mom. She sat on the sidewalk side so I could see her wave and she could see me wave back. And wave I did! I waved until I couldn’t see her waving anymore and then I cried. And cried and cried some more.

It was a long day, trying to not think about missing her or wondering how she was but then I like see her headband on the floor and I think of how cute that was on her this morning before she changed it for the 3rd time and I start to cry all over again.

Tryg was a trooper, he kept telling me fun things he and I could do so I wouldn’t miss her, like playing trucks or pizza palace. I did everything he recommended 🙂

When it was FINALLY time for her to come home, I waited outside, pretending to not hyperlisten for busses. Hers came from the wrong direction, it was coming up the hill so kids would have to cross the street to get to the sidewalk. I jogged over there, long overdue for a Sig hug and she doesn’t get off. Umm, Mr. Busdriver Man, where is my kid? The pale look on his face as the older kid from the bus stop explains she got off a stop early and he tried to stop her but… I barely kept it together verifying with the driver that it was HIS job to get MY little kindergartener home on HER FIRST DAY, right!?! Then I took off running to find her. I got to her as an older kid we vaguely know was walking her home. Sig was cool as can be, I have now had a heart attack with my longing heart and need a hug so bad I could scream! But we walked home with her friends and I finally got my hug! (The driver did go around the block to make sure I got her and was very apologetic.) 

Once inside we had to stop her from running off to play with Tryg to tell us about her day. Details were scarce but she had fun, ate breakfast there and loved recess. That’s all that matters.

So Day 1 in the books! *High five*

Now to get some sleep!


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