Birthdays Signe

To my 5 year old Sig

Very, very late but here’s a note to my 5 year old Sig!

Happy birthday Boots! Or should I say Happy birthday Butterfly as you now ask me to call you 🙂

You are 5. 5 years ago you made me a mama and though you’re growing faster then I want to admit, you’ll always be my original. My baby. My little girl.

I want to remember how you are now. An artist who wants to write and color on anything and everything around you (including your car door)! The world is your canvas, and you add more color to all of your surroundings everyday.

The world is also your stage. My great performer. Everywhere we go you dance and sing. It’s a fine balance between telling you to watch out for the people and things around you or to come on please and just standing and watching you in awe. Your spirit and imagination are like no other.

And your imagination is going 24/7. And I mean that, all day and night everyday. While dancing, singing and rocking the dress up clothes everywhere we go during the day, at night you love to stay up late and play with your toys, all of them together, all the time. You also frequently stay up late, lights out, singing songs to yourself and your toys. Sometimes they’re made up, sometimes they’re mash ups of different songs we know but they’re all sung with absolute heart and soul.

Your heart is so big. It’s worn on your sleeve and given so freely. I pray the world doesn’t harden that out of you. You love your brother beyond measure and are concerned how he’ll get on without you when you’re at kindergarten next fall. You love all of your cousins and your friends completely.

I love you. I love every part of you. And even though you don’t like to say it, I know you love me too.

Here’s to all the best 5 has to offer!

Love you,


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