On your bad days

Later this week Pat and Keith are coming for a long weekend so we’ve been busily preparing the guest space and rest of the downstairs for them. Part of that preparation is putting up a curtain on one end of the room over the office area to make it feel more like a designated guest space (we hope). We made the trek to IKEA to get the wire curtain holder that was nearly perfect for the space. Then I scored an awesome deal on some white linen curtains to help keep the space light and bright, perfect except they were too long. No problem, I’ll hem them.

Ok, the curtains are 99 inches long and 76 inches is the length I need so I’ll hem them 23 inches. Great. Done.

After much finagling we were reminded that the stupid smiling IKEA man on all the instructions is their Swedish pipedream of how we look assembling their stuff. Anyway, we finally get done with the wire and I let down the curtains – tah dah! Except not tah dah at all, they’re way too short!


Turns out they were suppose to be 7 feet 6 inches. 7’6″ not 76. Turns out that’s 90 inches. Ugh. So now instead of being one step closer to being done we’re a step back. Bummer.

Sig witnessed this unfolding and after it was done I put her to bed. As I was tucking her in, with tears of frustration in my eyes she says, “it’s ok mama, everyone makes mistakes.” Man, straight to my heart! Then she says, “Some are small, some big, some medium but yours was really big. But it’s ok, you can fix it tomorrow.” And I’m thinking when did you get so grown up!?! As I pull her close and thank her I told her I loved her. She didn’t say anything. I told her it’s nice to say it back if you mean it. “But mama, I don’t love you on your bad days, I’ll love you tomorrow.” *jaw on floor* I asked her how she would feel if I told her I didn’t love her on her bad days? “You have to love me, you’re my mama.”

So I go call my mom to lament my mistake and the efforts she helped me put in and I tell her about Sig and her comments. She laughed and told me “Well, I love you!” to which I replied “You have to, you’re MY mama!”

Love you Mama and Sig, even on your bad days!


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