Birthdays Trygve

Happy 2nd Birthday Tryg!

Sorry I’m a bit late writing this 🙂


Happy birthday Tryg! You are now 2. It’s so hard to believe you’ve been in our life for 2 years already.


Your best friend, partner in crime, and favorite playmate is Sig. You two are almost inseparable. You are each other’s greatest allies (or arch enemies depending on the minute). You play superheros, pirates and adventurers together every day. Your giggles ring out through the house and it’s a wonderful sound!


You’re so silly. You, at 2, have an amazing sense of humor. You (try) to tell jokes and you roar at everything but if we call you a dinosaur or monster or bear you adorably say “No mama, I’m Trygve” (sounds like “bivy” right now). Taking cue from your sister you joke with the wrong answer to questions which is SO HARD right now because we’re trying so hard to teach you but you kid around. Hard to be mad though because you’re so stinkin cute while doing it.


You love to go to your school (ECFE), kids club (at the gym) and shopping anywhere. You are no longer satisfied with sitting in a cart (see me crying and pulling my hair out at the same time) but you love to wear your owl harness (aka leash). Sometimes you want to hold your own “handle” and hold our hand instead which is sweet. Sometimes Sig holds it and to the horror and amusement of those around you, you often bark like a dog or roar at people around you.


Your favorite books are the owl counting book, Little Blue Truck and Ten in the Bed. And you always ask for one more book!


But you, Trygve Calix Little, are the noise in my silence, the light in the dark and the joy on tough days. You are loved far beyond words and I can’t wait to see what you can do in the next year (and decades beyond!).


Love you Little Buddy!


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