A Little Update

As the days fly by, I think of our little blog so often when I’m in the middle of doing dishes, working or snuggling a sick kid for the 10th time since we woke up 3 hours ago. I feel sad for missing out on capturing the memories of the day and I find a quote from a book I’m reading right now (called “Out of Sorts”) so incredibly right for this time of my life: It’s the kind of moment you want to put a bookmark on in your life so you can remember everything about it. That’s my everyday.


I want to remember the complete happiness Sig had when we said yes, she can go out and play in the snow while Patrick cleared the driveway, which by the way didn’t last long. After 2 passes with the snowblower he stopped to play and is still, as I type this. In this moment nothing else matters.


I want to remember the relief I felt for many reason when the ENT told us last week he would do tubes surgery on Tryg who has had 6 ear infections in the last 9 months and ruptured his right ear drum earlier this month. I’m also scared beyond measure but I’m more relieved there is a resolution in sight for the poor guy.


I want to remember the happiness Patrick and I get when we unpack one more box. And the defeat when you can’t even tell you took one away. Someday we will be able to though.

I want to remember the strange feeling of spinning our dining room table so it has the head by the stairway wall instead of the kitchen wall (I really wish we could have seen our house staged before we bought it!)

I want to remember Tryg and his constant chatter with only a few understandable words. And his repeating today at our playdate with my cousin Jessie and her boys yelling at Sig, Dom and Isaac to stop screaming as they ran through the playplace. “Ninnie dop dat!”


I want to remember Sig yelling “hot dog!” when you want to take her picture because they said that when they took her preschool class picture and it was surely THE FUNNIEST thing she’s ever heard.



Basically I want to remember everything. Not possible I know but I sure want to try.



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