Sounds that make my heart happy

Tonight as I’m bustling about cleaning the house so Monday doesn’t quite feel so overwhelming I had to stop because I heard something. I heard a sound that makes my heart happy.

At this moment it’s listening to Patrick and Sig having one of their nightly parties. She asks him, “what did you make me for breakfast?” and he replies, “what do you want me to have made?” “Pop tarts and froooooot looooooops” she says. He deadpans “well you’re in luck, I made you pop tarts and fruit loops.” She was so excited I could hear her bouncing up and down saying “I’m the luckiest girl ever!” And in this moment I am happy (to quote Incubus).

Earlier tonight there was another one of these moments. As we pull into the garage after grocery shopping as a family Sig told me she wanted me to start dinner and “me, Daddy and Tryg are going to play knock over for just 5 minutes if you could handle that” Well I handled it very well, how could I not? I was prepping stuff for dinner with no kids under foot, no tv’s or pads going and listening to them having a giggle fest playing in the living room. Once again, hearing sounds that make my heart happy.

A few days ago it was listening to the kids preform a song together on their stage (our old dining room table top that was waiting to be donated).

We have many others, sometimes it’s with me, sometimes other family members, sometimes it’s just the kids but when life gets so loud and I start losing focus of what is truly important, I need to listen for these sounds. It puts life back into perspective.



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