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It’s the little things

The big things intimidate me a lot right now so let’s focus on the little things in life.

This morning Tryg read me a book for honestly 10 minutes. It was like listening to a Chinese audio track with the occasional word in English. He was so proud when he was done.


Today Sig taught my mom how to play the matching game by reading her the “constructions” (her deck of cards game instructions).

Sig now will tell you her mouth hurts so she can’t eat anymore _______ (hot dog, chicken, etc) but some orange chips (Doritos) would be good.

Some days the highlight for Sig is a shoulder ride with Daddy upstairs to bed.


Today when my mom and I were working on getting the kids clothes for cold weather out, Tryg went into his room and managed to reach his pacifier that stays in his crib and took it and ran away downstairs with it. A little while later when I came down and took it he was genuinely heartbroken. Big crocodile tears and all. I sat there and consoled him and just thought of how tough it is to be little.


Speaking of tough to be little, Sig wanted to go to the park today with my mom. When I said it was time for a nap she too was heartbroken about not getting to go. It was really sad and in her little world that was a huge deal.

We have happier times too. We were at Costco and Sig found this little book reader set and she so desperately wanted it. Being the sucker I am for my family, I bought it with the agreement that she’ll act surprised whenever I give it to her. A few days later she found it and walked into my room holding it with this smiling shocked look on her face. I asked her “What’s up?” and she said “I’m being surprised, can I have this now?”

Sig loves to dress herself and I love to see what she comes up with! This one included 7 ponytails and was finished with blue socks and silver sparkly shoes. (We were making pancakes before school)


When Tryg can’t find you now he hollers “Where are yoooooouuuuuu?”


Tryg also believes if he covers 1 eye with 1 finger that you honestly can’t see him 🙂

Sig loves to color “beautiful pictures” that are 50% of the time edge to edge, top to bottom a single color.

And trying on new hats at Target makes you “so adorbable”!


It’s the little things in life that make it all worth it. Let’s focus more on that.



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