Time with Tryg

Today, as Sig is having meltdown after tantrum after meltdown, I am thankful for my time with Tryg. Sig went down for her nap a startling hour early so I get some real time with him (and I’m spending part of it blogging, sorry buddy) but man, I did not appreciate how easy it was […]

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Master Bathroom Color

So as Sig is getting ready for bed she decided what color the upstairs bathrooms should be. Her bathroom will be grey because it’s a nice color. ┬áMy bathroom should be black because it matches my computer and my mouse for said computer. “It would be a nice color don’t you think?” I appreciate the […]

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Sick, tired and funny

And it’s June. Where did May go? For that matter, April seems to have disappeared too. My mom told me long ago that the older you get the faster time goes by and I guess I’ve reached that critical point because it’s flying by and I’m just getting more behind everyday. We’ve been dealing with […]