Birthdays Trygve

Happy 1st Birthday Tryg!


One year ago I was in the final week of pregnancy and looking forward to my appointment on the 25th when we would schedule my induction. Little did I know less than 12 hours after that appointment (that I moved up from 4 pm to 10 am because I had been in labor the last 3 nights straight), we would be holding you, Trygve Calix. And our lives would all be changed forever.



In the past year you have lived in our bedroom at the old house, in the living room at the old house and now in your own room at our new house. You and Sig wouldn’t sleep worth 2 cents when you were together in the nursery but when I moved you at 2 am to the living room you both slept the rest of the night without issue.


You’ve been easy from the start as long as we adhere to your schedule. You have an opinion on everything but when bribed with food it can generally be swayed 🙂 You eat most anything but at this moment you’re particularly fond of anything you need to take bites of – whole strawberries, whole cookies, whole french fries etc. Nana gives me guff all the time about how I shouldn’t give you whatever you’re eating without cutting it up more. I try but you want it off my plate and Sig’s plate, what’s a mama to do? 🙂


You think you’re the coolest kid in the planet since you now get to sit in the top of the shopping cart and get your own cookie when we go to Cub or Target or strawberries when we’re at Costco.


Your first word was “go-go!” followed quickly by “more” and “hi” then “bye-bye!” “Mama” and “Dada” came later 🙂 You crawl inch worm style, though just this week you’ve started crawling like a normal baby. You pull up and walk along furniture and I don’t think it’ll be long before you let go.



You’re funny, so funny. You give these little looks with a side smile when you’re about to do something naughty. You’ll even shake your head “no” before you go after something you shouldn’t 🙂 When you nod “yes” you nod your whole body. You giggle when Sig and I sing you songs. And EVERY time I open the car door to get you out you smile, wave and say “Hi!” in your deep little raspy voice.


You adore Sig. Completely and utterly adore her. Everything she does you’re just fascinated with. You want to do what she does. And she adores you just as much. When you cry she sings to you until you smile. Normally it’s “Let it Go” from Frozen or the tiny turtle song from school but you don’t care, you love it all. You snuggle together and look for each other whenever the other isn’t immediately around or making noise. It’s really quite great.



And your dad and I adore you too. You’ve become so intertwined into every fiber of our being, it’s hard to remember life without you. You’re beautiful. You’re amazing. I’m so excited to see what every new day brings with you.


I love you. Happy birthday baby boy!


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