Birthdays Trygve

Happy 1st Birthday Tryg!

One year ago I was in the final week of pregnancy and looking forward to my appointment on the 25th when we would schedule my induction. Little did I know less than 12 hours after that appointment (that I moved up from 4 pm to 10 am because I had been in labor the last […]


I heard Tryg giggling…

I was finishing my workout and I heard Tryg giggling. I literally did the last exercise and then went to see what was so funny. He was in the bathroom and that was a brand new double roll of toilet paper… Hard to be too mad when he looks at me like that then spins […]


Our Little Buddy

Oh Trygve, our dear little buddy. He’s funny, silly even at this age. He knows a few things to make you laugh and he’ll do them at the most inopportune time just to make you smile and laugh at him. He has loved his pacifier (his paci) forever, and it was hard when about 2 […]