Miss Sig. My dear Miss Signe Quorra Little

Oh my Sig. Where do I even begin?

Sig - 5

At nearly 3 1/2 now, she’s incredibly sweet, kind and compassionate. She’s the first to ask if you’re ok if you say “Ow!” or “Shoot!” or any other time she perceives you’re in any kind of danger. Take today for example. We had parked at one of her favorite stores, Cub, and as I was checking my phone for the recipe for dinner I let her climb up and sit on the passenger seat. When I was done, I opened my door and turned back to grab my purse and she leaps onto my lap (between me and the steering wheel) and grabs onto me with all her might and says “Don’t worry Mom, I won’t let you fall out of the car!” Because that was a valid concern for her 🙂

Sig - 6

She’s funny without even trying. She makes me laugh so much, it’s awesome. Tonight at dinner she saw I had eaten all my dinner and reaches over to pat my shoulder as she tells Patrick “We had a very hungry Mama tonight!” Thanks doll, thanks. She loves to put her socks on her hands and pretend they are either mittens or sock puppets but she gets such a silly look on her face as she’s doing it you can’t help but crack up. When I took the pictures below she had just come out into the kitchen on a Tuesday morning wearing these glasses, then I took these pictures. Her expressions are perfect.

Sig - 3


Sig - 1
She loves to dress up and be a fairy, a pirate, a superhero, or anything else that tickles her fancy for the day. She has taken to wearing tutu skirts day and night. And she looks mighty adorable doing it!


And though she’s getting an attitude and sassy (she now tells me “Fine.” on a regular basis when I tell her do to things), and she’s testing her limits at every pass, and she’s fighting fiercely everyday for just a little more independence, and she drives me bonkers sometimes because we are SO much alike, to say I adore this girl is the gravest understatement anyone could make. And no, she’s not perfect, I will not say she is, she is perfectly Sig. And that’s all that matters, I’m praying when she gets older that she can see that too. I love you Boots!

Sig - 7

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