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Meet Trygve Calix!

One month ago today we welcomed Trygve Calix Little to this world! It’s been an incredibly busy month – this post being a whole month late is proof of that. I’ve been trying to write this for weeks but excuses aside, without further ado, the story of Tryg.

The night of March 23/24 I had contractions all through the night. I was able to fall asleep between them (they were 7 minutes apart after all) but I was exhausted by the time they stopped in the morning, just in time for Sig to get up 🙂 I felt pretty good on the 24th – even got the blog updated! That night, the 24/25, the contractions started up again around 10 pm and this time they were stronger, longer and closer together. By 3 am I was on the phone with the hospital trying to figure out when I should come in. They said to go by the 4-1-1 rule – contractions 4 minutes apart, 1 minute long, for 1 hour or more. They said to try taking a shower “to relax” and it may help further it along. Since I was 5-1-1 from midnight to 5 am, I decided to give it a shot. As I’m starting the shower, Patrick wakes up and says he’s staying home sick from work today because he didn’t feel well. I laughed and said yes, he would be staying home from work today but not because he’s sick but because we’re having a baby! Well, my shower backfired and my contractions slowed to every 15 minutes. I was exhausted and crushed. Thankfully I had my doctors appointment that day and this was “the appointment” – the one that we would walk out of with an induction date. After checking me, I learned I was a 3 and 90% effaced so I should have the baby “soon”. Great. They said I was favorable for an induction anytime and asked when I wanted to schedule it. I said “Take me now”. The doctor laughed but then realized I was serious. She called the hospital and they were having a slow day so I could go in 3 hours later if I wanted to. I said yes before she could change her mind 🙂

At the hospital they broke my water and had me walk and walk and walk. An hour later I was a 6. An hour after that I got an epidural and everything stalled. They started pitocin and 2 hours later I was a 10 but he hadn’t dropped the last little bit so they said they would check back in an hour. Queue the panic. WHAT!?! I’m a 10 and you’re going to leave me – the girl who can’t feel anything from the chest down – for AN HOUR!?!?!?! Yep, but they told me what to feel for (pressure in a certain area that didn’t go away between contractions). Talk about adding stress to the labor. Here I am, imagining the baby falling out of me and not knowing it until he starts to cry. Yes, the hormones had me thinking THAT crazy! An hour later they came in and told me we were going to do a practice push – practice because they had to teach me how to push not feeling anything. I got half way through the practice push and the nurse told me to stop, we needed the doctor – NOW. Not 2 seconds later, Dr. Harper (who was awesome) busted in and said “Here I am!” Turns out I was the only active labor patient so she was waiting outside the door. I pushed twice. The third push I heard him take a breath and start to cry – I stopped pushing but they told me to keep going, he wasn’t all the way out yet! Finish my push and he was here. (This last push/stop push/push again time felt like about 10 seconds to me but Patrick said it was only about a 2 second break.) Just under 11 hours after our doctors appointment, we met Trygve for the first time!

Trygve Calix Little – Born Tuesday, March 25, 2013 at 9:15 pm. Weighing 6 lb, 13 oz, measuring 20.5 inches long.



Interesting note – he was  1/2 lb lighter than Sig, the same length, and 1 gestational week younger. They say babies gain 1/2 lb per week at the end so by that measure he would have been the same size as Sig.

The next morning Patrick went home and got Sig and she got to meet her baby brother for the first time. She walked into the room and went straight to the bassinet and said “My baby” – and indeed he has been hers ever since 🙂

Meeting Tryg-2

Meeting Tryg-1

Our little man when he was 12 hours old.



We had quite a few visitors at the hospital – our friends Gary, Maddy and Charlie, Justin, Dani and Flynn, my parents and Grandma Johnson, Aunt Kay, Aunt Sheela and even Uncle Duane! But regardless of who else was there, if Sig was there, Tryg was all hers 🙂

Meeting Tryg-3

And the next day, after many problems trying to get him to eat (but ultimately succeeding!) we got to go home. It was literally pouring snow when we left the hospital – like slush falling from the sky. And after a long, LONG day we made it home. This is what coming home, and our new life, looks like

Coming Home

Coming Home-2


Feeling blessed,


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