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The mischievous kid that is Sig

We have a mischievous kid on our hands. She doesn’t mean to be, she just is. I was always very mischievous so it’s not really a surprise I guess. My mom always said, “One day, Natalie Kay, God will give you a little girl who will be just like you were for me.” And oh was she right!

Let’s start with the letters. Sig has these little wood tiles with letters on them. It’s part of a learn to spell game. She loves these letters, “my letters” that live in the little wicker basket so she can carry them all over the place. Well, one night I was getting everything ready for bed, got her her letters and her eggs (the little plastic Easter eggs that you can put things into – yeah, she’s IN LOVE with these things!) and I said good night and left her. The next morning I found her basket and no letters. None. Not a single one. Hmm, that’s strange. I looked everywhere in her room for them – behind her bed, in the crib, in the dresser, behind the chair, in her toy bins, on the bookshelf – everywhere I could think of. Nothing. Oh well, they’ll turn up. That night after I put her to bed she starts calling for me. “Mama – the letter is stuck” – LETTER!?! Where??? There was one behind her chair that she couldn’t reach. I see it! A letter! Now where are the rest of them? So I get it and give it to her. She gets a big smile on her face and says “Thanks Mama!”  and proceeds to walk over to the vent behind her door and put it in the slot *clink* “All better”… I just stood there, jaw on the floor. Her letters are all in the vent. Oh dear. Patrick runs downstairs and we thought we found the vent stack it’s in and it goes straight into the furnace. Great. What kind of safety hazard is that!?! Jeeze. Thankfully it was one that was just a foot or so over and it had a step in it and all the letters were sitting there. Four very scratched up arms later, we had all the letters out of the vent and out of the room. No more letters in the bedroom I guess…

Then there’s the drumsticks. Sig’s beloved drumsticks (previously known as Patricks chopsticks). She was over playing in the laundry construction area (more on that in a separate post) and she’s drumming on the drain pipe and studs and dancing away. Then I hear “Uh-oh”.  Great. Now what? “My drumsticks in the hole!” She put her drumsticks in the pipe holes that are drilled down into the basement for the waterlines. Great. Just great. This is the day after the letter fiasco. It shouldn’t be too bad though because it just goes to the unfinished storage space in the basement, no ceiling to get caught in so we should be good right? After Patrick looking for quite a while and me looking for quite a while, Sig has 1 of her 2 drumsticks. One. Now every time she wants to drum I hear “my drumstick in the hole, mama not fix it” followed by a very sad look and shaking her head. Thanks kid, that’s just what I need to hear and see 12 times daily. I want to give in and give her a new one but she needs to learn so I will continue to be a mean mama I guess…

Then there’s the lotion. Oh dear, the lotion. So I go in to get Sig from her nap and she looked really sweaty. You know when a kid sleeps really hard and they get all sweaty? That’s what she looked like. Then I saw the lotion bottle that was on the dresser where she couldn’t reach yesterday but now it’s on the floor – with lotion all over it. Oh brother, here we go. “Sig, what’s in your hair?”  “I put lotion in my hair” *staring in disbelief* “Why?” “Lotion smells nice. It’s a mess, now Mama fix it.” Mmm-hmm. Mama fix it. Jeeze all pete. Daddy ended up fixing it that night in the bathtub but not before we got some of it captured for our viewing pleasure.



Here’s a shortened version of her explanation of it.

Yep, my mom was right. Mischievous just like me…


Nat and Mini-Nat



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