Waiting for Baby

Seeing Our Little Man!

Today we got to have a very exciting appointment – we got to have an ultrasound and got to see our little man! I measured small at our last appointment, but our doctor suspected that it was just the way he was stretching me (out to the side versus out front where they measure) she decided that we should play it safe and get me in to have an ultrasound. That brings us to today.

Our little man is about 5 1/2 lbs right now and that plus his measurements puts him spot on to his due date. I have the right amount of amniotic fluid which means I’m the right size too. That’s really good in the perspective of everything is moving like it should, but it’s a bummer too because I had totally psyched myself up to the idea of being induced at week like 38 or so. Oh well, maybe I’ll go on my own around that time! A girl can dream right?

We got to see his face, which looks much more like a baby now. He’s looking at the camera here – eyes, nose and a slight frown and a little hand peeking up by his cheek that’s up in this picture – are what you’re looking at…


And as we’re having the ultrasound the technician says “Did your little girl have a lot of hair when she was born?” Why yes she did. She had a full head of black hair when she was born. The tech said that this little guy will too – he already does! Here’s a picture of it, on the right side of the picture, the big white spot is the back of his head and the bright white is hair. She showed us much more but this is the best picture we got of it.  She said of all the ultrasounds she has done, this is in the top 10% of most hair she’s seen in all her years. So will it be black like Sig’s? Blonde? A rare red head? Time will tell!

IMG_8621And so we wait. Waiting for baby to arrive…



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