The visit from the Florida E’s!

This Christmas my Uncle Loren and Aunt Lynn decided to go to Australia for Christmas and New Years which left their kids all alone in Florida for the holidays so they decided to come up to visit the family! We have the space (and we’re super cool) so they decided to stay with us ๐Ÿ™‚ They were here for 10 days and we had a blast!

They adapted quickly to the weather – a remarkable feat considering it was 80 in Orlando when they left and the average high while they were here was around 5 ๐Ÿ™‚ They even went tubing one night with Patrick!ย It was hilarious when we went out to play in the snow (which Kyle, my cousin Lauren’s boyfriend, had never seen before!) and Kyle was going to make a snow angel. He compared it to making one in the sand at the beach. We laughed so hard because a nice sandy beach is about the farthest thing he could compare it to that day!

IMG_8358 IMG_8355

They had a jam packed schedule seeing as much of the family as they could, but we still had our mornings and most evenings to relax and hang out. Sig fell head over heels in love with my cousin Libby – “Bibby” – and looked for her every time she was out of site ๐Ÿ™‚

IMG_8353We had the Ehrmantraut after Christmas cream noodle extravaganza!

Cream noodlesWe laughed as I tried to fit in with fashion (it’s not so fashionable to wear a waist belt when you’re belly is growing quickly!)

IMG_8403Had to get serious and do some work – we all are transcriptionists for Avatar so we had a work party!

IMG_8359And we played some awesome games that we got for Christmas! (Great picks Matt and Amanda!!!!)

IMG_8405It was busy and fun but they had to get back to their lives in Florida. The day they left the high was -5 and it was snowing which makes for disastrous conditions on the roads so we left extra early to head to the airport. The car started shimmying all over the place when only going 35 mph on 94 (think when a big semi whizzes by you and your car drifts a bit – yeah, it was doing that when no semi’s were around) Everyone around us was going closer to 50 without issue so I seriously thought we had a flat tire. We pulled over on the shoulder and the tires looked ok but I was really scared. The car was not ok and I didn’t think I could get them to the airport safely and get me back home. We made the decision to have me get them into downtown, which wasn’t much further, and drop them off to have a taxi come get them and take them the rest of the way. This crushed me, I still feel horrible when I think about it but it wasn’t safe. I got them to a place called International Market Square (IMS) where they have a large indoor lobby with seating and such. I explained to the receptionist what was going on and she was so sweet, reassuring me that they were more than welcome to wait and she would take care of them and make sure they got off into a cab so I could go. They waited like 10 minutes for the cab to come and made it to the airport 20 minutes before I got home. I was incredibly thankful they got there without issue and without rushing for their flight. I was also incredibly thankful that my mom was watching Sig so I didn’t have her with me and I was able to make it back safely. Turns out it was my tires. We got them replaced yesterday and, knock on wood, all seems to be a million times better. ย That was not the ending I envisioned but they were so understanding about it, it almost made me feel better ๐Ÿ™‚

On a side note, Sig woke up from her nap while my mom was watching her and she woke up sobbing for Mama. This NEVER happens when she sees my mom, but my mom was snuggling her and reassured her I would be back in a little bit. Not 3 minutes later I called to tell her I was on my way back with car troubles. I honestly think we’re that connected, maybe I am just over analyzing it though ๐Ÿ˜‰

What an awesome 10 days though. Love those kids!







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