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The Holidazzle Parade

For my dad’s birthday we got hot seats to the 2013 Holidazzle Parade.

For those not familiar with this event, it’s a parade that marched down Nicolette Mall in downtown Minneapolis every Friday and Saturday between Thanksgiving and Christmas for many, many years. It went on in the evenings and everybody and all the floats were wrapped in Christmas lights. It was a very unique and fun sight to see. As you may have noticed, that was all in past tense. That’s because the Holidazzle is now over. Minneapolis decided it was too much of a disruption to downtown to have it all the time and they felt it wasn’t special enough going on as often as it was so they have decided starting next year it will be changed to a bigger event one or maybe two nights. We’ll see how that goes.


Anyway, the hot seats are reserved seats in a heated tent that is protected from wind and snow. It’s awesome but we weren’t prepared for the fact that the bleachers held like 500 people.


We were almost late (we got there with literally 3 minutes to spare!) due to an absurd amount of traffic plus severe parking issues. It was horribly cold with the wind whipping around downtown to boot. We were happy that we were protected from that for the parade at least πŸ™‚ In fact, it was so warm in the tent we completely un-bundled! I was happy because I got a picture of Sig all bundled up (and super cool with her shades on) and in her cute outfit too!



Sig seemed to like it, she pointed out colors on all the floats which was fun to hear.


She couldn’t decide where she wanted to be – with Papa or Nana so she switched places about 15 times in the 2o minute parade it seemed πŸ™‚
IMG_8323We had a great time despite all the stress leading up to it. It was a fun experience and we’ll see how it is in the years to come πŸ™‚

IMG_8326 IMG_8325Love,

Nat and Patrick



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