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Happy 2014!

In terrible timing Natalie fashion let’s catch up on the end of 2013 then jump into what’s in store for 2014 🙂

In upcoming posts we’ll see pictures of:

Signe’s First (and the last official) Holidazzle Parade!


Family time with the Florida E’s!

New Years Eve!

What’s been the delay in getting the posts up you ask?

Well you see first our main laptop computer broke. This meant everything had to be done on the upstairs computer, not that big of a deal except it’s really hard to do anything while Sig is up, like working or blog posts.  So we got a new computer and after much ado that involved Patrick showing the techies at one of our local computer warehouse stores how their refurbished computers weren’t actually functioning, he took the hard-drive from one and the shell of another and we got a winner! It was stressful for all involved and we’re thankful to have it behind us.

With that done we were able to focus our efforts on finishing preparing the upstairs for…

Our house guests! My 2 cousins from Florida plus a boyfriend came up for 10 days over Christmas and stayed with us. They were great and it was a lot of fun, but it again delayed getting anything blog-wise done.

Their departure was marked with car troubles which we had to deal with yesterday. Then today we took Christmas down. It’s been very busy and I am VERY thankful that 2014 has arrived!

Excuses, excuses. But now that we’re caught up with all of that, I’m off to start the late posts of 2013.


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