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A visit with Santa

Well December is proving to be quite the busy month and is flying by like I can’t believe. I think Thanksgiving being so late this year (it was November 28th!) is really rushing the Christmas (and my birthday!!!!) season.  Then again, I’ll probably say the same thing about this season next year even though Thanksgiving will be all of 1 day earlier, on the 27th.  So is life, right?

Nonetheless, I got the bee in my bonnet to get Sig to see Santa this week before we run into the week before Christmas Santa rush like we did last year. That’s next week already. The way it works around here right now is you go see Santa and if you want a picture you need to buy a package, starting at just $14.95, or take your own picture while you send your kid up to see Santa on their own. The second option is obviously ideal for people like me who would rather spend that money on other things, like say gas or groceries, but when you have a kid like Sig who gets VERY shy around strangers at the moment or won’t be shy but she just won’t behave, it’s a bit tougher and requires 2 people to be here – one for the kid, one for the picture. Patrick encouraged me to go during the day this year to try to avoid the rush (more like so he could avoid the rush!) and today was the day. I texted Dani, who is still on maternity leave with Flynn, because we were going to the Santa at Northtown Mall right by their townhouse, but she was busy with a Dr. appointment so I was in a pickle as to what to do. I was INCREDIBLY excited when Justin called and said he took the day off to hang out with Flynn during Dani’s appointment – PERFECT! So we met up with Uncle J and Baby Flynn to get pictures with Santa!

Sig was entirely NOT interested in seeing Santa. Thankfully Santa, being the smart man he is, offered that she could stand on a stool near him rather than sit next to him or, heaven forbid, sit with him!  Sig was ok with this. And we got a couple quick pictures in those 45 seconds that she stood still 🙂

IMG_8290 IMG_8289

Then we got one (literally one) with her and Flynn with Santa. This blew my mom’s mind that she could have a picture of both grandkids with Santa 🙂 Maybe we can photoshop one with Sterling so Pat can have the same mindblowing experience 🙂

IMG_8285And of course, a baby’s first Christmas picture with Flynn and Santa. So sweet!

IMG_8287And with that, we kick off the Christmas season on the blog. Here’s a little blast from the past – Christmas edition 🙂

Last year, 2012. Sig was just over 1 year old. Man, I LOVED those boots!

Sig with Santa


And two years ago in 2011. Sig’s first Christmas!

IMG_2339Wow, how our lives have changed in 2 years! Wow, oh, wow.

Merry Christmas!





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