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Virginia Trip 2013 – Day 2

Our second day in Virginia started with Keith’s arrival which was a great start to the day!  Keith, Pat, Patrick and I made the journey to go to Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s estate.  I was surprised it was not nearly as extravagant as Maymont was but it was stunning in it’s own way.

This historic entrance


Patrick and I with the back of Monticello (as seen on the nickel and the $2 bill!)


Patrick and Keith in front of the last original tree from when Thomas Jefferson lived there.  Cool fact – it has a lightening rod attached to it, grounding it to the ground so when it gets struck it won’t kill the tree!


The cool building in the vegetable garden with the amazing view!



Patrick and I walked from the top of the hill back down to the bottom, going past Thomas Jefferson’s grave as well.  It was interesting to see they are still burying family members there today – there was someone buried there in May 2013 and their spouse is still living but has their name and birth date on the tombstone there.

After Monticello we stopped at an apple orchard at the top of another peak – man was that a tight, windy road to get up to it! They had great apple pie though that we had to pick up to celebrate Matt’s birthday! Check out this view!



Then we went to Matt and Amanda’s, had dinner and got to have some complete family time (minus Sig of course)

IMG_7912After dinner Pat and Keith left and we stayed to hang out with Matt, Amanda and Sterling. For as much fun as we had the rest of the trip, I think that night was the highlight for me. I think we, as a foursome, got to bond so much. It was an awesome time. We played games then went to the craft beer bar and sampled like 25 beers! Sterling stayed awake almost the whole time!

IMG_7913We just had a blast. Can’t wait to get to hang out with them again!

IMG_7918It was a great memory to top off a really good trip! It was nice to see everyone out there again 🙂





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