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Virginia Trip 2013 – Day 1

In the middle of October Patrick and I traveled out to Virginia to meet our nephew, Sterling, and see Patrick’s parents.  We had a great time and saw some awesome sights! We had so many great pictures to share I’m going to break this trip into two posts.

We got to see and stay at Patrick’s parents new house. It is stunning and seriously looks like a house out of a story book!


Our first day Patrick’s sister, Amanda, came over for lunch with Sterling so we got to meet him right away! Oh my goodness, what a sweetie! He was about 6 weeks old and so alert! He absolutely loved Patrick, as all little babies seem to. There must be something about his voice and expressions that really grab them 🙂


IMG_7735 IMG_7740 IMG_7741


Amanda is such a natural mother and you could tell how much Sterling just adores her! I remember when she first met Sig I told Patrick how natural she was with her and seeing Amanda with Sterling looks like she’s been doing it all her life! Matt is a very loving dad too – he’ll be in the post about the second day in Virginia 🙂

After lunch Patrick, Pat and I went to an old estate called Maymont. It’s owned by the city and is this HUGE estate of parks, gardens and buildings to tour. If you’re ever in the Richmond area I would definitely recommend this. We could have easily spent a few more hours touring the gardens and the grounds, it was just stunning! Wow!


This is the main house that we got to tour


Talk about an entrance!


The lady of the house’s room that you come into as soon as you enter the home – simply amazing!


This is the looking pond just outside of the front door


This is the lower Japanese garden. We took this windy little path through a bamboo forest to get to it and when we exited the path it took my breath away. Could you imagine this being in your backyard to go to whenever you wanted to!?! Wow.


This is the upper European/Italian garden section. Again, simply stunning!


Some of the trees were changing color while we were there, they just added to the beauty!



We even got a good selfie of the three of us (bonus points for using Webster Dictionary’s 2013 word of the year in a blog post!)



It was a tiring but awesome day in Virginia!


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