Just Funny Signe Talking

“Ow!” “Stuck!”

So this morning Sig was up early, very early, like around 6:45 and at that time I started hearing “Ow” and “Stuck” and “OW!” Since it’s WAY too early to get her up because that would only lead to a bad day for both of us, I left her, convinced she was ok. She was ok but it was an interesting site when I went in to get her an hour later.

Sig had the top of her pj’s around her waist – it was “stuck” there. The “ow” was coming from her standing there pinching her chest and stomach then promptly yelling “OW!”

On that note, I’ve got a cake to bake, frosting to make, a house to clean, work to do and a overly tired kid. At least it’s Friday 🙂


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