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Introducing Our Nephew Flynn Gabriel

A month late here we go!

We were blessed with our second nephew on October 22, Flynn Gabriel! This sweet little man has blonde hair and eyelashes and bright blue eyes.  He is so sweet! It has been so much fun to see my brother Justin and my sister-in-law Dani with him, they are such natural parents!


Sig and I went to the hospital to meet him the day after he was born and what an adventure that was!  Flynn was with his pediatrician when we got there and Sig was great until he came back in and started to cry. Instantly Sig ran and grabbed our coats and said “BYE!” She wanted no part of it!  Dani got him calmed down quickly and Sig got to see him though she wasn’t too sure about him. She’s getting better every time we see him though.


She’s getting good practice being around a little baby before she becomes a big sister herself!

Welcome Flynn!

Nat and Sig

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