Happy Birthday Signe!

I can hardly believe as I write this that I have a 2 year old. It doesn’t seem like 2 years have gone by since we first met her, yet I have a hard time remembering what life was like without her. She is a major part of everything we do, everything we plan, everything we hope and dream for. I love this kid so much it makes me a bit nervous to have another, wondering if I could ever have as much room in my heart for them as I do for her but I know I can.  A wise man once told me, “Bad parents don’t worry about such things.” I reflect on that statement so many times as we have questions, concerns or issues with Sig. She is an amazing little kid.

Her favorite song is “Locked out of Heaven” by Bruno Mars. She loves to sing and dance along in the backseat when it comes on the radio. She has other songs she likes a lot too like “Royals” by Lourdes and “Stompa” by Serena Ryder both of which she likes to clap along to the beat.

Her favorite shows are the Backyardigans – a must have to ensure a happy day, Blue’s Clues – at least there’s a little more educational value here and Guess with Jess – a funny show of critters with English accents. Cute shows though Backyardigans win out 9 times out of 10!

She helps around the house now.  She loves to sweep, though I really should get her a shorter broom, she’s not the most coordinated with the tall one and more than a few things have been knocked over but hey, she’s helping.

She’s got a sense of humor. She makes jokes, she does silly things to make us laugh and she laughs at things she thinks is funny – including carrying Kiara down the hall by her tail…

She is an adventurer, climbing up, onto and over things like the current favorite adventure is to climb onto her little step stool, into her kitchen sink and flop over the back of the couch onto the pillows sitting in the corner. Or she’ll just stop and dance in the kitchen sink – which is NOT a safe idea 🙂

She is opinionated and once she decides something she wants nothing else. Like what she wants to eat for a snack or a meal, if she wants to drink something, if she wants her toenails painted again, if she wants a bath, if she wants to “go bye” or call someone just to snuggle the phone while they’re talking.

Well, we have to get ready for school now – because that’s one more thing she does! Happy birthday Squirrel!



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