A month between posts – what’s up!?!

I couldn’t believe it was a month since I was last on here when I did Sig’s birthday post yesterday. A month!?! So what has been keeping me so busy I can’t blog!?!

Patrick and I went to Virginia to see his folks and meet our nephew Sterling! That was an adventurous trip and Sterling is such an awesome little baby, I’m glad we got to meet him this early on 🙂 – Bigger post on this one to come.

I had some health issues immediately following the trip – they look to be clearing up and baby is healthy and fine which is the biggest thing!

Our second nephew arrived on October 22! Justin and Dani welcomed Flynn Gabriel to the world and he is such a sweet little one! He’s got a great set of lungs on him, I see lots of Rock Band in his future! – Bigger post on this one to come.

We had our annual Halloween party just before Halloween which was, as always, a lot of fun! For that matter, we had Halloween which was a unique experience with Sig this year – Bigger post to come on this.

Sig was sick but is better now.

Lots of winterizing outside had to occur because of the snowstorm that was encroaching upon us. And lo and behold they were right – it came yesterday. Quite short “No snow” season for 2013, last spring snowfall was May 3rd, first fall snowfall was November 5th. That’s short even for MN! We only had about 2 inches of snow stick, but it fell for almost 12 hours so it made a mess of everything as it froze the still-warm ground as it settled upon us. The bright side is they say that it should be gone by this weekend, only to return again next week. Either way with that though, I absolutely REFUSE to clean this up. Let the sun take care of it for a little while longer!

Oh, and Sig had a birthday!  We have her party on Saturday, so there will be pictures of that next week. Lots of prep work to do with that though.

Just typing all that out makes me tired. On top of daily life, work, Sig, and just being pregnant, it’s a miracle anything has gotten done around here. Off to go get ready for the day and try to get ready for the party. Hopefully I’ll get going on the above mentioned “bigger posts” tonight/tomorrow, but that all depends on what Sig lets me do for the day 🙂

Take care


PS – that picture is of our 7 foot tall curly golden willow tree. This was taken after we tried once already to get it stood back up. Poor tree! It was a heavy wet snow!


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