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Some Cute Videos For You – And a Story

It’s October now? When did that happen? (Two days ago, three by the time you’re reading this, I know – I heard you from here Patrick 🙂 ) Holy cow. Sig and I have been sick with a nasty cold for the past week so everything has kind of fallen to the wayside. Thankfully she’s back to 90% normal and I’m on the right track so fingers crossed we’re about done with this junk!

So here are some cute videos of Sig we caught recently.

Ever wonder where she gets such happening dance moves? Well wonder no more, it’s from the Backyardigans – once and for all – with proof. If you listen carefully you’ll hear she even tries to sing along with them.  I love it towards the end when she’s dancing and turns to look at me with THE BIGGEST smile on her face – “See Mom, I’m just like them!” So sweet, just melts my heart. Please excuse the messy living room but it’s life with a kid, especially when you’re sick.

This one is a video of her and Patrick reading her new book that she thinks is the funniest thing ever – “That’s not my monster”. I love this book, it’s stinking adorable and she just cracks me up with it. She’ll just be hanging out playing and all the sudden say (her version of) “that’s not my monster” then she just busts out laughing. She has made this cold much more bearable, getting to just sit and watch her more often.

And a story to remember. So it’s raining tonight (praise the Lord as it has been so incredibly dry here after an overly wet spring) and we have the windows open and the patio door open. The Backyardigans end and it’s time to get ready for bed and Sig runs to the patio door to bang on it, as she always does, but it’s just the screen. She turns to me, sitting at the kitchen table working, and says “Mama – it’s raining!” Clear as day. I said, “Yes, Angel it is raining” “Yeah, raining” The problem is it’s totally dark outside so she can’t really SEE the rain so I asked her if I should turn the light on outside so she can see – “<Gasp> yight on!” So I turned it on and she presses herself into the screen and says “Ah, raining” I asked her if she would like to feel the rain and she just looked at me as if to say “You would let me do that!?!”, promptly dropped her blanket because she knows the big blanket isn’t allowed outside and waits for me. I opened the screen door and I wish I could have filmed what happened next. She walked out three steps so she was in the pouring rain and just stood there. She held out her hands and caught the raindrops and squinted her eyes shut and looked up at the sky. Then she opened her eyes, blinking in the raindrops and laughed. She turned back to me and said “Rain!” And I just stood there in awe watching her, just soaking in the innocence in it all. It doesn’t matter that she was all wet when she came back in minutes later, it doesn’t matter that the rain started blowing in a bit and the rug was wet, none of that matters except that she was experiencing something amazing for herself. I wish I could have filmed it or that Patrick could have gotten there fast enough to see it all. Wow. It was a very powerful moment for me watching her. Tonight when I say my bedtime prayers I’ll be praying for all kids to get to feel safe enough and loved enough to experience things like that – as all kids should be able to.

Feeling blessed,


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