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Potty Training!

It’s with GREAT excitement that I get to write this – we are potty training! With any luck Sig will get this down and her days of wicked diaper rash will be behind us in a flash 🙂

We started on Monday and her first day she went pee in her potty chair three times. I thought we were off to a great start but she hasn’t gone since (it’s Friday morning) despite sitting on the chair many, MANY times a day.  So today we’re starting step 2 – bigger girl panties! We went out yesterday and got two types of training pants – the type that are plastic on the outside and cotton inside (1 piece) and the type that make a 2 piece set, the outside piece is plastic and the inside piece is cotton.  We’ll see which works better for us. Sig currently is fascinated with them because they crinkle so she thinks dancing is particularly fun this morning. Praying these work for both of our sake 🙂



I’ll update you next week on how it’s going and which type is working better for us.


Nat and learning to be a big girl Sig

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