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State Fair 2013


It’s been a busy couple weeks here in our household though we haven’t done much so I’m not sure why it was so busy. We went to the state fair though so that took up a whole day and it was fun! We were lucky we got out there before the record-breaking heat came into town. It was still hot, the high was 93 but it wasn’t the heat index of 107 that we’ve had the last 4 days now.

We decided to get up early and head down there, hoping to be there by a little after 7:00 this year. We made it by 7:30 so that’s pretty good since we had to make a cash stop along the way! We did a lot of walking around, lots of eating and lots of looking at fun stuff.

Sig was pretty good in the stroller (this picture is while we were still right by the car) but she loved it when we got her out!


She got to sit in some fun colored big plastic furniture.



And she took time to re-arrange it to her liking

IMG_7326She played with Daddy (and got a better view of the fair!)



And took time for a picture with Mama



She danced like no one was watching!

IMG_7334And sang like no one could hear her! (Notice she found the perfect little stage in the middle of the grass. She sang and danced on that spot for a LONG time!)


And she wore herself out! It’s hard work being that cute 😉

IMG_7339It’s not the most fun thing to push a giant stroller around the fair, juggle a big backpack full of supplies, seeking out bathrooms with changing tables (and praying they are clean!), trying to make sure you’re not constantly pushing her into the sun, making sure she’s not too hot every 15 minutes, checking non-stop that she isn’t touching something she shouldn’t, eating something she shouldn’t, or taking something that isn’t hers but you know the cool thing about kids is they remind you to take time to smell the flowers because we get too wrapped up in “I want do to the following 5 things…” to really enjoy what’s around us. Thanks Sig for reminding us of this 🙂





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