We made it to August.

The end of July was very stressful here with the closing on the sale of our condo in St Paul that has still been kicking around.  The sale went through and it’s gone. Praise the Lord! It’s gone! The mortgage company received their pay-off payment and everyone is happy to have that major stressor gone!

Now we’re onto August. With August comes it’s own stressors but so does every other month. We’re preparing for a baby shower extravaganza this weekend at our house for Dani. Three showers in one day. That means only cooking once, cleaning once and decorating once. That’s the good news. The bad news is that about 50 or so people coming through our house in one day.  We are praying the current forecast stays as it is now for Saturday. It says 75 and sunny which would be PERFECT – we could be outside on the patio for the showers, but we’ll see. My luck is it will be pouring rain 🙂

Another big event for August, which happened this morning actually, is we registered Sig for her first ECFE (Early Childhood Family Education) class. She will be in Toddlers & Twos school starting Tuesdays in the middle of September, going through the middle of January. It’s pretty cool, she goes in one room and I (and other parents) go into another room.  Lots of playtime and starting to learn time for her, and I get parenting talk! I’m very excited about this as she’s really starting to dig playing with other kids so I knew it was time to get her in.

The last thing we have planned for August is either the State Fair or the Renaissance Festival depending how we’re feeling when we get to that time.

Busy end to summer, hard to believe we’re already here! And with being in August already means we are getting really close to our nephew-to-be (on Patrick’s side) making his grand appearance. Amanda is due the middle of September and we can’t wait to hear all about him and meet him later this fall!

Get out and enjoy the summer while it’s still here!


Sig - 8.13

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