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A Baby Shower Extravaganza!

This past Saturday we had the long-time coming Baby Shower Extravaganza that I talked about last week, that it consisted of three showers in one day.  Praise the Lord we had amazing weather so we were able to be outside. We had between 50 and 60 people come through and remarkably didn’t have that much food left over. We had the comfortable leftover amount left where you know everyone got their fill but you didn’t waste a lot of time and money. Man, it was a blast but we were SO tired by the time it was all done!  Here are some highlight pictures 🙂

Sig had an awesome party dress for the day!


The food table and dining room table decorations (cheesecake bar not pictured)


Some of the patio decorations


Dani opening some of her gifts. It was so fun to see what everybody bought!


Justin getting some practice with a little baby, though Lucy is two months old. Looks like he’s ready!


A nice picture of Justin and his long time friend Donny who came with his wife and two kids (one of which is Lucy pictured above)!



It was a very long but very nice day.   We were exhausted on Sunday, but I think this picture sums it up best – just happy to be able to relax and get back to normal life again 🙂



Off to do more dishes!


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