Firsts Signe Talking

Wow. We have a kid.

This morning as I’m giving Sig a bath and she looked up at the fan with a light above her and said “light”, well it sounded more like “ight” but it was definitely “light”.  I said, “Yep, that’s the light, the light is on.” “On” she says to me. Then a few seconds later she looks up again and says “On No” I asked her if she wanted the light off and she said “yeah”.  She’s never said “yeah” before. It’s always been “Ok”.  Then, when I shut it off she said “Off” And it hit me, I have a kid. Not a baby as I call her, not so much a incoherent toddler, a kid who we can understand a little more everyday.

A kid who has opinions, like what she would like to eat.  She knows what she would like to watch and promptly will start naming the characters of the show she wants on “Blue, Steve, Magenta, Slippery, Tickety…” or “Pablo, Tasha…” She studies how the Backyardigans dance and tries to do their dance moves when standing in front of the mirror. She sees the sidewalk chalk and grabs her shoes and goes to the patio door and says “side” for “outside”. She is smart and finds things when you ask her to go find them. She knows landmarks like when we go to my parent’s house, when we are within a block she screams at the top of her lungs “PAPA!!!!” or if we’re going to Target, when we turn onto the road that leads to Target she chimes in from the back seat “ta-ta-ta-ta”  She is a big helper and if she wants chocolate milk you can ask her to get the chocolate (and put it away when we’re done with it). She loves, LOVES to color! She grabs laptops any chance she gets, and types on them very professionally (most of the time!).



She’s certainly developed an attitude too. When she doesn’t like what you tell her you now get this look accompanied with her huffing and puffing like any normal teenager would do!


The one thing that proves she’s still undeniably our old Sig is she still makes piles and moves them all over the house. Now they’re just more defined. Like all the puzzle pieces from one puzzle and they move together as a unit to other places. And they all have to be the right side up.


All too soon she we’ll be saying “where did our kid go?” and she’ll be driving a real car.



I wish I could hit pause because she’s growing up so fast and every day is a new development, but at the same time I enjoy everyday (ok, almost everyday) seeing what she’s doing now. Time to go play with my peanut while she still wants to play with me 🙂


Nat and Sig


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