Firsts Signe Talking

Wow. We have a kid.

This morning as I’m giving Sig a bath and she looked up at the fan with a light above her and said “light”, well it sounded more like “ight” but it was definitely “light”.  I said, “Yep, that’s the light, the light is on.” “On” she says to me. Then a few seconds later she […]


Happy 4th of July!

Well, last week – but since we’re making up for lost time here on the blog – Happy Fourth of July! Hope it was good for you, it was a very relaxing day for us. Here are some model shots of Miss Sig in her patriotic outfit 🙂   I love this one And one […]

Just Funny Signe

Splashin in the pool!

Sig and her pool. I swear, it’s her favorite thing right now to go outside and splash around, though when we first started she didn’t know quite what to do. She was excited though! Once out there, she was not keen on sitting in the water, only squatting to splash 🙂   Here’s a little […]

Firsts Our Family Signe

What have we been up to!?!

So it’s been a month since I last posted and it has made me realize I am much better at blogging in the winter and when it’s yucky outside. Since it’s been nice I’ve been slacking but in my defense we’ve been very busy! Here’s what we’ve been up to… Patrick and I took a […]

Blast from the Past Just Funny Signe

Sig feeding herself

Here’s the post I referenced in the last post (a month ago I know…) Turns out I just never hit post 🙁 Today I decided to let Sig feed herself her yogurt, it doesn’t matter how messy she gets, she can do it herself. As my mom always says “she washes” and indeed she does […]