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Sig’s Piles!


Sig’s latest thing is making piles, moving piles, moving the moved piles and then abandon the piles for Mom and Dad to clean up.

It started with shoes – as I’m sitting at the kitchen table I noticed Sig walking from the door to the living room and back – over and over again.  I finally stopped to see what she was doing and she was moving her shoes (all 3 pairs) 1 shoe at a time from the door to the carpet. Then, after all 6 were gathered, she moved them from the carpet at the entrance to the living room to the area rug in the middle of the room – one by one. Then she went and sat down on the carpet beside the rug and moved them back off the rug one by one. It was fascinating to watch, just wondering what is going on in her little head as she’s doing this.

Other random piles appear magically around our house like cat food cans, my purse and pan handle covers



Other piles include tupperware and clothing as the video below shows 🙂 Sorry it’s a little long but I had to get it on video because I have a feeling this will be one of the things we tell her about when she’s going on her first date, graduating or getting married, and she simply won’t believe she was ever like this!

Off to go clean up more piles!


Nat n Sig

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