Patrick’s BIG Birthday Surprise!

Oh what a weekend it was!

For Patrick’s 29th birthday Keith flew up for a surprise visit! I had about 3 weeks notice (rather 3 weeks to keep my mouth zipped tight!) to get everything ready for him and I am SO VERY EXCITED because I made it! Hooray! (So Patrick, don’t ever tell me again that I can’t keep a secret 😉 )

Patrick came home from work and I got him to come to the living room and there was Keith (and Pat on Skype to see the surprise).  For the first time in my life with him, he was at a loss for words.  It was so fun to see the shock on his face! Too bad I didn’t get a picture of that, but here’s one from right after the surprise sunk in 🙂



Keith had great timing coming because he was able to do the cement board and sheetrocking in our master bathroom project! With Patrick, Keith and my dad working it went really fast!



IMG_5853The guys got to go to see the latest James Bond movie “Skyfall” (which was FABULOUS by the way) because it was still in 2 theaters up here.  We got to watch the “Crashed Ice” event that was going on in St Paul (on TV because it was spitting snow outside and was quite icy on the roads). And the last night to top off the birthday celebration we had ice cream cake! Other than that it was a lot of just relaxing and hanging out with Sig, Patrick and me. We Skyped a few times with Pat which made it feel like she was here too. Sig even kissed the webcam which I’m sure was a fun sight on Pat’s end! Haha!

IMG_5856 IMG_5854


Thanks again for coming out Keith – it was a weekend of great memories 🙂




The Birthday Man, Nat n Sig

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