Patrick’s BIG Birthday Surprise!

Oh what a weekend it was! For Patrick’s 29th birthday Keith flew up for a surprise visit! I had about 3 weeks notice (rather 3 weeks to keep my mouth zipped tight!) to get everything ready for him and I am SO VERY EXCITED because I made it! Hooray! (So Patrick, don’t ever tell me […]


Ponytail Club!

Hey, So great news, I’ve figured out the ponytail thing for Sig now! Yahoo! Even better news is she seems ok with them being in her hair! YAHOO! We try to have one in everyday just for practice sake 🙂   I love this last one! Have a great day! Nat n Sig

Just Funny Signe

Sig’s Piles!

Hello! Sig’s latest thing is making piles, moving piles, moving the moved piles and then abandon the piles for Mom and Dad to clean up. It started with shoes – as I’m sitting at the kitchen table I noticed Sig walking from the door to the living room and back – over and over again. […]


Happy 2013!

Hello! Happy New Years from our house to yours!  I know it’s a little late but we’ve been busy around our house with construction on our master bathroom and as any of you who have done construction know, that takes over your WHOLE house.  It’s amazing how that works. Sig is good – she walks […]