Christmas Signe

Dear Santa

For Christmas I would really like my 1 year molars to come in so I can be more effective with my crunching! Wouldn’t you know, the very next day she got her very 1st 1 year molar! Santa really did listen ­čÖé Sig had a good visit with Santa, made even better because she fell […]

Firsts Just Funny Signe

A whole new world of baby-proofing!

Those of you with kids will laugh at me/with me on this one, but today it was thrown in our face that we have a whole new world of baby-proofing to do. ┬áPreviously we had things we didn’t want┬áSig to get like active remotes, phones,┬ácameras, etc. on the back of the red chair in┬áthe living […]


What does morning look like?

Morning is my favorite time with Sig. When I open the door I’m met with a sleepy smile and her pj’s unzipped if they have a┬ázipper with no snap flap over the top of the zipper.   Then she shows me her critters     And shows me how to love them ­čÖé   And […]

Christmas Family

Christmas Party!

Hello! Sig is teething up a storm right now but we managed to get some happy pictures this weekend when we went to our friend’s Eric and Julie’s Christmas Party! ┬áHere are some cute ones ­čÖé And my favorite family picture though it was off center ­čÖé Bye for now! Nat n Sig