Birthdays Family Firsts

Sig is 1!

(Cake made by Auntie Dani – the candle is the “1” to complete the “Hooray Signe’s 1”)

Sorry, this is a long post with lots of pictures today…

Well can you even believe it – Sig is 1 year old!?! So crazy, I know.  But super exciting 🙂  We had her official 1 year photo shoot just before her birthday and it was an experience to remember.  We started out with just a nice picture of her which looks like we hoped it would.





Then we gave her a cake.  She was tentative at first, and even needed her beloved blanket to reassure her that this was ok 🙂






After a few more minutes she got into it a bit more




Then she was done 🙂

So that was fun 🙂 Then we had her 1st birthday party and it was a great time even though we knew Sig was getting sick (and she did get sick, big time all of last week)  But the party was good, and we got to Skype with Grandma and Grandpa Virginia.


Sig had a special Birthday Girl outfit to wear (of course – first time parent getting suckered into buying it!)





We also celebrated Uncle Justin’s birthday since it was only 4 days later! Here’s the first of many joint celebrations to come 🙂





We got a special picture with both Great Grandparents that are still with us.




Ultimately we had a great celebration! Sig loved her special cupcake that Auntie Dani made her.  It was a great birthday (aside from the 104 degree temperature on her actual birthday…)!


Nat n Sig

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