Just Funny Signe

Smile for the camera!

Hello! So one of Sig’s cool new tricks is she smiles for the camera when you ask her to!  Some times it’s a real smile Some times it’s a kinda real one Some times it’s a not really a smile smile… And some times it’s a Sig smile 🙂 But we love them all! Love […]


Sig Is Walking!!!!!

Here is the video!

Birthdays Family Firsts

Sig is 1!

(Cake made by Auntie Dani – the candle is the “1” to complete the “Hooray Signe’s 1”) Sorry, this is a long post with lots of pictures today… Well can you even believe it – Sig is 1 year old!?! So crazy, I know.  But super exciting 🙂  We had her official 1 year photo […]