Firsts Signe

Two More Firsts!

Hello! We are excited that we had two new firsts with Signe this week! First, we had the first bath where we had no crying – yahoo!!!! Signe normally likes her baths but hates being naked so getting into the bathtub and out of the bathtub usually involves some crying – but not this time […]

Firsts Just Funny


Well, I think Signe got the hang of sleeping at night (knock on wood)! Tuesday night Signe slept through the night – from 9:30 – 5:00. She got shots for her 2 month checkup Wednesday and slept from 9-5:30 and last night she slept from 9-5:30. After she gets up around 5 she goes back […]


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Signe rang in the new year with her first night away from Mom and Dad! I have to say, she did better than I did 🙂 She was a great house guest for Nana and Pops. It’s finally getting colder here in MN so we broke out a new snow suit last […]