A Bunch of Updates

The good news from the Little front: we had our big weigh in yesterday and Signe gained 12 ounces since last Wednesday! Yahoo! That said, the doctors aren’t looking to have us supplement with formula since she’s gaining weight 🙂

The bad news from the Little front: as we get to know Miss Signe more and she’s awake more, we have quickly learned she has her days and nights mixed up. On top of that, she seems to have associated me to sleep and will be out like a light in my arms but when I go to put her in the crib she is wide awake. Totally uncool. We’re working on getting this fixed but I fear it may be a tough little jaunt in the road.

Patrick went back to work yesterday which was tough but on the bright side, Nana (my mom) took two days off to help me recover

from the sleepless nights I’ve had. We are VERY thankful for this 🙂 One neat thing about this time with her is I learned how to give her a real bath, which she did quite well with.




Grandma and Grandpa VA (Patrick’s folks) send us a lovely package of girly clothes which we are looking forward to showing off in pictures as she grows into them! And a big thanks to Ash (my cousin in Georgia) and her family for the adorable personalized little bear blanket guy and matching wall hanging with her birth information.

Ok, I bored Signe so I’ll go back to trying to entertain her. Take care, will write more later.

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I love to show off all the new pics as they come in. I enjoyed the days with both of you, as you know you can always call and I would be happy to help out with whatever you need. Love you all. Mom/NaNa

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