Halloween Nursery Waiting for Baby

The Nursery and Our Halloween Costumes!


With this post we are officially up and running with our Little website so you can find out what’s up with the MN Littles whenever you want to. We’ll try to keep it updated with pictures and “sweet nothings” about the littlest Little whenever he or she arrives 🙂

Standing in the doorway looking in
Cross Stitch piece made by Grandma Johnson

I figured a good way to start was to give you a little tour of the nursery. Here is a picture of the crib set-up we’ve got going. Grandma Johnson (Baby’s Great-Grandma) made the piece hanging above the crib, which is really special.




Here is the dresser for Baby. It’s part of the dresser set Patrick and I bought for ourselves when we transitioned to “grown-up” furniture. It’s a nice height to use as the changing table too, so we’re maximizing the use of it with that.


On Friday night we had our annual Little Halloween Party. It was a few weeks early this year so we could be sure to be there 🙂 We went as a Bun Maker and a Bun in the Oven. It made everyone laugh!

Sorry, I haven't figured out the saving of a rotated image yet...

That’s all for now. Off to do laundry and try to stay cool on another 85 degree day here in sunny MN! It’s been a week of over 80 degrees, but they say it’s supposed to cool off at the end of this week. Fingers and swollen toes crossed 🙂

Love Always,

Patrick and Nat +1

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Okay I'll be the first. I love the web site and have shown it to many of my work friends and family. I love seeing everything you and Patrick have done with the house and nursery. I am so proud of both of you. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy. Love you all can't wait to meet +1.
Mom J

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