Waiting for Baby

So you wanted to see me

I’ve been asked if I’m getting big – I say “YES!” but others who look at me say they can’t believe I only have 2 weeks left til my due date because I am “so tiny”. Everyone has their own opinion so I’ll let you have yours šŸ™‚

15 Weeks Along


Here I am May 9th when I was 15 weeks along (sorry, I didn’t take a real picture of me for pregnancy purposes before that)




And here I am October 11th when I was 37 weeks along

Just kidding, here you go šŸ™‚

And now you’ve seen me and Baby since Baby is more visible then ever now. Two weeks from tomorrow is the due date! We’ll see when he or she decides to come.


Patrick, Nat +1




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Still am not sure this is how I comment, so be kind…..(Patrick!!!). Love that you got the onsies….I think I have some more coming as well.You (Natalie) look so good and what a cute top you have!! Way more cute than the ones we used to wear!!! One of the first questions Amanda had when she got back from their vacation is "have you heard anything from Patrick & Natalie?" I think she is getting pretty excited about being an aunt…and it will be fun to see both she and Matthew with a little baby to hold….especially Matthew!!! Please pray for Cathy & John's trip to India–did I tell you that Chuck & Rusha had a civil ceremony in Dallas and Kris & Kira and the girls drove down to witness for them. I will forward some photos of the wedding so you can meet Rusha. She is very petite and quite sweet I hear. Have you ever seen Chuck so happy as you see in one of the photos. I am sure they won't waste any time in trying to have a baby….Chuck is nuts over Josephine and Samantha….and he would make a great Dad also. I bought another little sweater with a soccer ball on it–so if you have a boy it will be yours. So far the baby clothes are outnumbered by the blue category!! You sure have us guessing!!!!! Makes it fun to have the surprise–don't you think???? We send lots of love and it is bringing lots of memories of when we were waiting for you Patrick David……both you and Nat were such beautiful babies and we are sure your new little one will be so precious—life will never be the same… simply is a miracle. Love, Mom (g-g)

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