Master Bathroom Color

So as Sig is getting ready for bed she decided what color the upstairs bathrooms should be. Her bathroom will be grey because it’s a nice color. ย My bathroom should be black because it matches my computer and my mouse for said computer. “It would be a nice color don’t you think?”

I appreciate the color coordination, I told her I would consider it ๐Ÿ™‚


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Sick, tired and funny

And it’s June. Where did May go? For that matter, April seems to have disappeared too. My mom told me long ago that the older you get the faster time goes by and I guess I’ve reached that critical point because it’s flying by and I’m just getting more behind everyday.


We’ve been dealing with a nasty virus recently, it’s been many sleepless nights here mainly care of Tryg but, knock on wood, I think we are over the giant hump.


School is out until the middle of June so that’s disrupting our schedule but this summer will be full of school. Sig pre-preschool, Sig and Tryg play school and swimming lessons for Sig! It’ll be busy and it makes me more tired then I am just thinking about that but it will be fun I’m sure!


We got an unpleasant surprise last week, we have carpenter ants in our front windows. Eww and ugh don’t begin to cover my feelings on this. We’ve been treated and haven’t seen any since but the damage is done in the windows and now it’s really time to replace them. The nice part is they’re from 1988 so we knew it needed to be done soon, I just didn’t think it would be this soon. We’ve got a guy coming out tonight to take a look and get us some numbers for what it will cost to replace those 9 windows. So there’s that.


Other than all of that, it’s soccer season which means Patrick is gone (only) two nights a week this summer except the next few weeks where it’s up to four days. It’s good exercise, he enjoys it and it’s some extra money but it makes for long days for me.

I’ve also been extra busy with my transcription work. Earlier this year I was notified that my company, Avatar, based in Orlando, FL will be outsourcing their transcription department to a company named Adapt in Minnetonka, MN about 25 minutes from here. I interviewed and will be an independent contractor transcriptionist for them when Avatar is done with me. In the mean time though I’ve been asked to train Adapt how to do our work. So basically, I’m training the company my job is getting outsourced to then becoming co-workers with these folks down the road. It’s been interesting to say the least but I will still have a job that is flexible hours and work from home so I’m happy!

Life seems to be moving at break neck speed, and moments like last night when I was able to just stand and watch Sig playing by herself getting a picnic ready for us aren’t enjoyed enough. Here’s to talking a minute and living the life we’re given. Pirate princess serenades and all ๐Ÿ™‚



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Postpartum Depression

Let’s take a post to not focus on the kids and talk about the biggest thing going on in our lives for the past year – Postpartum depression.

Early into my pregnancy with Tryg depression set in. I was in counseling during my pregnancy trying to keep it under control and I was low but stable. That low but stable feeling continued after his birth and for many months after it. When he was about 10 months old I felt myself slipping into a deeper low and I wasn’t stable. Though I was not ever a risk to myself or the kids, I was certainly not ok. So I went in, was immediately diagnosed with postpartum depression and anxiety and was put on medication (Lexapro). This gave me side effects that were far worse then the depression itself, so after a hard 2 1/2ย months on the medication, I weaned off of it. It was wicked, truly, terribly wicked. And here we are. I’ve been off of it for almost 2 months and I’m still not right. It’s hard to wake up every day and not feel like yourself, but sadly, it’s been so long since I felt like myself that I wonder if I would even know it if I felt it again. Depression is something I have never dealt with before and I pray my hormones even out and take it away again.

But there is an upside and it’s my two yahoos. They drive me crazy more than they should right now but I so adore them. And they adore each other which helps on the crazy days. And I tell you, hearing them playing, laughing and singing together really helps. I also pray their friendship continues.




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Happy 1st Birthday Tryg!


One year ago I was in the final week of pregnancy and looking forward to my appointment on the 25th when we would schedule my induction. Little did I know less than 12 hours after that appointment (that I moved up from 4 pm to 10 am because I had been in labor the last 3 nights straight), we would be holding you, Trygve Calix. And our lives would all be changed forever.



In the past year you have lived in our bedroom at the old house, in the living room at the old house and now in your own room at our new house. You and Sig wouldn’t sleep worth 2 cents when you were together in the nursery but when I moved you at 2 am to the living room you both slept the rest of the night without issue.


You’ve been easy from the start as long as we adhere to your schedule.ย You have an opinion on everything but when bribed with food it can generally be swayed ๐Ÿ™‚ You eat most anything but at this moment you’re particularly fond of anything you need to take bites of – whole strawberries, whole cookies, whole french fries etc. Nana gives me guff all the time about how I shouldn’t give you whatever you’re eating without cutting it up more. I try but you want it off my plate and Sig’s plate, what’s a mama to do? ๐Ÿ™‚


You think you’re the coolest kid in the planet since you now get to sit in the top of the shopping cart and get your own cookie when we go to Cub or Target or strawberries when we’re at Costco.


Your first word was “go-go!” followed quickly by “more” and “hi” then “bye-bye!” “Mama” and “Dada” came later ๐Ÿ™‚ You crawl inch worm style, though just this week you’ve started crawling like a normal baby. You pull up and walk along furniture and I don’t think it’ll be long before you let go.



You’re funny, so funny. You give these little looks with a side smile when you’re about to do something naughty. You’ll even shake your head “no” before you go after something you shouldn’t ๐Ÿ™‚ When you nod “yes” you nod your whole body. You giggle when Sig and I sing you songs. And EVERY time I open the car door to get you out you smile, wave and say “Hi!” in your deep little raspy voice.


You adore Sig. Completely and utterly adore her. Everything she does you’re just fascinated with. You want to do what she does. And she adores you just as much. When you cry she sings to you until you smile. Normally it’s “Let it Go” from Frozen or the tiny turtle song from school but you don’t care, you love it all. You snuggle together and look for each other whenever the other isn’t immediately around or making noise. It’s really quite great.



And your dad and I adore you too. You’ve become so intertwined into every fiber of our being, it’s hard to remember life without you. You’re beautiful. You’re amazing. I’m so excited to see what every new day brings with you.


I love you. Happy birthday baby boy!


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I heard Tryg giggling…

I was finishing my workout and I heard Tryg giggling. I literally did the last exercise and then went to see what was so funny. He was in the bathroom and that was a brand new double roll of toilet paper…

IMAG2481IMAG2482Hard to be too mad when he looks at me like that then spins the roll one last time, looks at me and giggles but seriously? It’s going to take a while to get through this one!


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Our Little Buddy

Oh Trygve, our dear little buddy. He’s funny, silly even at this age. He knows a few things to make you laugh and he’ll do them at the most inopportune time just to make you smile and laugh at him.


He has loved his pacifier (his paci) forever, and it was hard when about 2 weeks ago I took it away from him during the day so he only has it during naptime and bedtime. ย It’s been a bit rough but it’s nice to not see it covering his smile anymore ๐Ÿ™‚


He’s a happy little guy, generally speaking, with the exception during teething (which he’s working on numbers 4, 5 and 6 as I type this) and he loves to look at his smiling face in the mirror! It was very convenient for him when we were hanging the artwork around our new house because there were mirrors on the floor for him to adore himself as much as I do ๐Ÿ™‚

IMAG2274IMAG2276He’s a lover of anything he can eat, without exception really. He loves to do it himself but he still wants more food – ie baby food – after his meal is done!



And above all else, he adores his sister. She sings him songs from “Frozen” when he starts to cry in an effort to make him happy. It normally works, and melts any hearts around in the process.

Sig and Tryg - 1
I think it’s safest to say, even after nights like the last 2, where I was up literally every 45-60 minutes all night long and it looks like you’re going for a 3-peat, I love you more than an incredible amount Trygve Calix. (Now please, go to sleep!)

Ok enough already!


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Miss Sig. My dear Miss Signe Quorra Little

Oh my Sig. Where do I even begin?

Sig - 5

At nearly 3 1/2 now, she’s incredibly sweet, kind and compassionate. She’s the first to ask if you’re ok if you say “Ow!” or “Shoot!” or any other time she perceives you’re in any kind of danger. Take today for example. We had parked at one of her favorite stores, Cub, and as I was checking my phone for the recipe for dinner I let her climb up and sit on the passenger seat. When I was done, I opened my door and turned back to grab my purse and she leaps onto my lap (between me and the steering wheel) and grabs onto me with all her might and says “Don’t worry Mom, I won’t let you fall out of the car!” Because that was a valid concern for her ๐Ÿ™‚

Sig - 6

She’s funny without even trying. She makes me laugh so much, it’s awesome. Tonight at dinner she saw I had eaten all my dinner and reaches over to pat my shoulder as she tells Patrick “We had a very hungry Mama tonight!” Thanks doll, thanks. She loves to put her socks on her hands and pretend they are either mittens or sock puppets but she gets such a silly look on her face as she’s doing it you can’t help but crack up. When I took the pictures below she had just come out into the kitchen on a Tuesday morning wearing these glasses, then I took these pictures. Her expressions are perfect.

Sig - 3


Sig - 1
She loves to dress up and be a fairy, a pirate, a superhero, or anything else that tickles her fancy for the day. She has taken to wearing tutu skirts day and night. And she looks mighty adorable doing it!


And though she’s getting an attitude and sassy (she now tells me “Fine.” on a regular basis when I tell her do to things), and she’sย testing her limits at every pass, and she’s fighting fiercely everyday for just aย little more independence, and she drives me bonkers sometimes because we are SO much alike, to say I adore this girl is the gravest understatement anyone could make. And no, she’s not perfect, I will notย say she is, she is perfectly Sig. And that’s all that matters, I’m praying when she gets older that she can see that too. I love you Boots!

Sig - 7

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Here’s the plan

As Sig and I talk about 5 times daily, here’s the plan. To feel like I’ve caught this blog up on our lives it’s been so long removed from, I’m going to do a post on each kid, one on Patrick and I, one on our move and one on our current family life. That’ll make me feel better I think. There’ll be lots of pictures because they’re long overdue ๐Ÿ™‚

Hopefully this works and it doesn’t take a month to do, but these two certainly keep me busy!


Type soon!

Nat, Sig and Tryg

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My confession and a funny story

This is my confession. When I think about getting back into doing this blog I get intimidated because I’ve missed so much time. So much has happened in so many regards yet so much is the same. I’m intimidated to get back into this, but I’m going to try. Stay with me. I’ll catch us up another day, but for today, I’m going to start small and just share funny story and a couple of current pictures.

Today we had my friend Sarah and her daughter Kierra over, well they stopped by with Girl Scout cookies but were able to stay for a little bit. We’ve seen them a number of times recently, but mostly during parties – Halloween, birthdays etc. Today she’s playing with Sig and looks over at Tryg and says to me “Who’s that?” “That’s Tryg” She gets a confused look on her face, turns to Sig and says “You have a brother!?!” Sig doesn’t miss a beat, “Yep, that’s Tryg, he’s my brother and I’m his sister” ย Oh I love that girl.

But that story sums up how I feel about the blog right now. So far out of touch it’s a shock to see what you’ve been missing. It’s tough.

Here’s Tryg these days, he’s now 10 months old. He crawls, well, inch worms around, and now pulls himself up on things though he hasn’t figured out how to get down so he stands there and cries until you help him or until he falls over, then he cries harder. Poor buddy, it’s tough to grow up ๐Ÿ™‚

Tryg 2.15

And a cute picture of me and Tryg!

Nat And Tryg 2.15

As for Miss Sig, she is squarely 3 and shows it every minute. She’s sweet, caring, compassionate, fiesty, irrational, fiercely independent and all-in-all she’s just Sig. I love her more than I could ever say, but she frustrates me more than I knew possible some days!

Sig 2.15-2


Sig 2.15We’ll leave it at that tonight. Hopefully tomorrow or the next day I can post a little more about what’s been going on here.

Until next time,


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Almost Giggling and a Shopper in Training

This week I can say that we are DAYS away from a real giggle. Tryg’s so close but right now when he does it, it vaguely sounds like a cough, so I think we are super close! He’s also turning into a chatterbox! Video to come of that ๐Ÿ™‚



Miss Sig is enjoying trips without Tryg to various places when Patrick is home to take him. She especially loves Cub where they have the little people carts. She’s a mad woman with them! I constantly have to remind her we’re not at Wal-Mart!



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