Time with Tryg


Today, as Sig is having meltdown after tantrum after meltdown, I am thankful for my time with Tryg. Sig went down for her nap a startling hour early so I get some real time with him (and I’m spending part of it blogging, sorry buddy) but man, I did not appreciate how easy it was with one kid. I didn’t appreciate how much you can do, the focus you’re able to give them and just the time you can spend with them. It’s tough with 2, I can’t imagine more, but right now I’m thankful for my time with 1.


When I put Tryg down for his nap this magical time will be over, but hopefully this afternoon will be better. Hopefully she wakes up my happy girl again. We’ll see. But for now, I’m going to just love up my little guy!



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