Lots of changes

What a few weeks it has been.

Potty training failed. It turns out she doesn’t mind being wet, like when her cotton panties got wet she didn’t care, so according the experts on the internet she’s not ready and we should try again next month. On the bright side, she likes to come sit on her potty whenever someone is going to the bathroom, on the downside that means even less privacy than we had before. Oh well, part of being a parent right? She did poop on the potty chair last night again so at least she’s using it for its purpose sometimes 🙂

We decided we needed to makeover our dining room. We sold the multi-colored chairs which makes me sad but they just were too big for our space and that’s not something we can change. We bought a new dining room table set and we are picking it up on Saturday night. It’s a round table that has 5 leaves to expand out to whatever size we need it to be. It’s an old farmhouse table and comes with 6 chairs. I’m nervous about it because it’s a change but I think we’ll be really happy with it once we get it in and get used to it.  Here’s a picture of it (still in the antique shop we’re buying it from)IMAG0186


We canned a lug of peaches on Sunday and had all the jars dome their lids and, upon opening them, discovered them to be fermenting and foaming all over the place. Ugh. So we were faced with what to do. We decided that we would make wine! So we have a big batch of peach wine brewing? sitting? fermenting? in process.  We’ve wanted to try wine and when better than when we have to re-cook this stuff anyway!?! We’ll see how this goes. It smells great right now. We also made some peach honey on Sunday, we’ll see how that turns out…

Sig had her first day of school yesterday and she was a champ. It was unbelievable, she just made herself at home and when it was time for us to separate she said “Bye Mom” and went back to playing on the big slide they had in the classroom. She sat pretty well for the circle time songs, sat nicely and ate her snack, played relatively well with other kids, and painted for the first time. It was a fun day. She looked cute too – her outfit completed with the most adorable shoes I’ve found for her yet (I think!)

IMG_7519Oh I do LOVE dressing this kid! She’s my own personal dolly 🙂 Today she looks unbelievably cute too. I did her hair differently today, she’s got a french braid in her bangs and a pony tail in the back. Couple that with the tye-dye onesie I made her and her (ridiculous!) jeggings and she’s too cute for me to concentrate on anything! I took about a dozen pics trying to capture her adorableness on camera and I have to say, none do her justice 😉 (that’s the wine in the bucket behind her, under the kitchen table)






And even though it’s cut off, this one may be my favorite picture of the day!



Alright, enough already! Time to go play with the peanut who is currently telling me to “Shh!” because Tasha on the Backyardigans is sleeping 🙂


Nat and Sig

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